Monday, July 21, 2008

Tips on Crossbow Hunting

Dressing for the Hunt

Much of the crossbow hunter’s success in the field begins with the correct clothing. For example, if you are hunting whitetail deer you want to dress for the cold. Wear layered clothing. Begin with underwear that will wick moisture away from your body. This should be followed with a fleece layer that will keep you warm. Finally your outer camouflaged layer should be wind-proof and made of thinsulate. Be sure to try out your camo before purchasing, as some brands are too noisy when you move and should not be used for hunting.

Be sure to examine where all the snaps, zippers and buttons are on your outer clothing layer. If there are any metallic or wooden pieces on your chest or shoulder that might click when you hoist your crossbow to take aim this could end your hunting day.

Finally you want to choose both footwear and gloves that are designed to protect against frostbite. Make sure your boots are sturdy and made for hiking. Don’t forget to break your boots in before taking on that long hike or all you may bag is a bunch of blisters.

When choosing gloves be sure they do not make too much noise when rubbed together. Any abnormal sound in the woods will send those deer running away from you. Oh yes…don’t forget a hat. A simple baseball cap should be enough to keep you warm.

The Proper Equipment

It is only natural when you first begin crossbow hunting to want the biggest and best crossbow. However, don’t purchase more than you can handle. Cocking a crossbow can be a very strenuous act. Before purchasing the bow consider what you will be using it for. Most hunting shots are made at less than 25 yards. Any arrow shot at this distance is going to penetrate the target regardless of the size of the game. So instead of struggling painfully trying to get your crossbow cocked, find one that suits your strength and physique as well as your hunting needs.

Prepping Your Skills and Equipment for Hunting Season

As summer rolls in it is a good time to start thinking about hunting season. One of the biggest causes of a missed target is misjudging the distance of the target and the trajectory of the projectile. It is a very helpful to start honing these skills well before you start hunting.


Grab you laser rangefinder and take a walk in the woods. Pick a tree or rock or some other object and try to guess its distance. Verify your guess with the rangefinder. Repeat this exercise a few times a week. You will get better and better at determining distance.


It is also a good idea to get to know your crossbow trajectory. If you have a scope that marks off trajectory in ten-yard intervals then you are all set. Just guess and shoot. If you do not have this accessory you will have to guess the holdover at different distances. It is a good idea to simply write them on a card and attach the card to your crossbow. For more great information on archery and bows, make sure to check out


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