Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flying Arrow Archery: Toxic Broadheads

We just got the new Toxic Broadheads in and started shipping them last week.  The response has been surprisingly overwhelming!  I will admit, when I first saw this broadhead advertised, I was a bit skeptical.  But then I talked to the owner, Chris Rager.  Mr. Rager has a lot of experience with archery accessories as the former owner of Trophy Ridge and Rocket Broadheads!  When he started thinking about a revolutionary new broadhead design he already had the advantage of knowing what bowhunters wanted: – a broadhead that would fly straight and create the most hemorrhage in an effort to harvest an animal as quickly and humanely as possible.
Most bowhunters know the reasons that fixed blade broadheads have such a following: they are typically low profile and durable.  But mechanical broadheads seem to fly so much better.  
The Toxic broadhead just might be the perfect blend of both worlds.  It flies as straight and quiet as a field tip, it has great penetration, and it has reduced wind drag for making those tricky shots count when the weather conditions aren’t always cooperating. It’s low profile to reduces the chance of making contact with bone, it has over 4.7 inches of cutting surface making it second to none in its category, and most of all, it has no moving parts, set screws, clips, O-rings or rubber bands.  The fewer moving parts the better!
The Toxic broadhead is a true 'coring' broadhead.  Watch their video of the water jug test...and see for yourself why 4.7 inches of cutting surface just might be more important than cutting diameter. 

All Broadheads, including Toxic Broadheads, are priced right and ship for only 99 cents/item at!