Monday, July 21, 2008

Additional Bow Sights Features

Many bow sights have additional features to help in various aspects of bow hunting or target shooting. For example, tuning and accuracy can be improved by the additional leveling bubbles. These help to eliminate torque. Unless the regulations and laws in your hunting jurisdiction prohibit them, you can add sight pins that are lighted or small sight-body mounted lights to illuminate the pins when the light level is low, thus adding to shooting accuracy. Each of these features has benefits for particular types of shooting and the key is to match the type of archery to the appropriate equipment.

Personal preference

Before deciding on one of the bow sights for yourself, you should take the time and make the effort to consider how you shoot, what type of bow that you have and what your requirements for shooting are. Bow sights that work perfectly for another may not be a good choice for you and your style of archery. The bow itself may require a different style of sights than that of your shooting friend. Even a strong recommendation in favor of a specific sight should not be accepted without reviewing the options and if possible trying out the product in various shooting situations.

Bow hunters needs

Since bow hunters tend to move around through sometimes rough terrain, they more often than not will prefer a bow that is light in weight and perhaps more compact than the bows used for competitive purposes. The more recent designs in hunting bows are shorter from axle to axle and thus carry less weight to get hung up while moving after the target animal. bow sights intended for these bows also tend to be lightweight and do not require that the hunter carry tools through the brush in order to adjust the bow sights.

Competitive shooting

In contrast to bow hunters, those who shoot competitively need a different type of bow sights. Because they may be required to shoot longer distances, and may require heavier equipment in order to add stability to their equipment, they are more likely to prefer heavier bow sights. A sight that requires time to adjust and dial in is not a problem, in fact--it may be an advantage in competition. The competitive archer has the time to set up his or her shot carefully in order to be absolutely accurate and win the competition.

Combination shooting

If you are one of the growing number of archers who participates in and enjoys both bow hunting and competitive shooting, you may be better off to purchase two different types of bow sights--one for each of the major uses you make of your bow or bows. Sights are made so that they can be easily attached and removed when you choose to participate in a different type of archery activity. You could also purchase two or more sights and leave them permanently attached to two or more different bows. Since the bows are likely to be different, the sights should be too.