Monday, July 14, 2008

Why Use A Compound Bow? Though you'd never ask...

About 80% of all bow hunters use a compound bow. As technology has developed with the two-cam shaft, and time has passed, the prices have come down dramatically on the compound bow. Now this weapon is affordable for hunters and archery lovers from all backgrounds. And this bow has an advantage over its brethren the long bow and recurve bow. The shot from the compound bow is much faster and straighter. This allows the shooter to use a heavier arrow for deeper penetration of the prey.

The Longer Shot

The advantage of the compound bow is that it shoots a flat trajectory. This results in less of a half-moon arc and a longer shot. As a result, accuracy is increased at longer distances to the target. In addition it is possible to make the long shot that was once thought impossible.

The Let-Off

It takes less strength to fire off a compound bow than it does a long bow or recurve bow. The let-off ranges from 15-80%. Basically, this means a bow with a draw weight of 60 pounds and a 50% let off means you only have to hold 30 pounds when the bow is fully drawn. As opposed to a long bow with a draw weight of 60 pounds where you have to hold the full 60 pounds when the bow is fully drawn.

Changing the Draw Length

Another advantage of the compound bow is the ability to change the draw length. With a slight turn of a wrench you can alter how far back you pull the string to reach let-off. To determine your draw length, face a wall and put one of your fists up against that wall. Have someone measure along your hand and arm from the wall to your lips. This is your draw length. You must know your draw length before purchasing your compound bow.

The Power of the Compound Bow

What makes the compound bow so much better than the recurve bow and longbow? The answer is in its ability to store a large amount of energy thereby creating a faster and straighter arrow. In addition the bow itself is made in such a fashion as to prevent warping or stretching of the limbs. Over time the recurve bow and the long bow can loose their shape due to constant use. In addition the strings on these bows need to be replaced more often as they loose their elasticity. Not true with the compound bow. This bow maintains its shape through years of use and its strings seem to last forever.

The compound bow is truly a hunter’s weapon of today and the future. Its construction allows the launching of faster, straighter, heavier arrows. The kill is more likely to be faster than the recurve bow and long bow. In addition, extra ammunition is rarely needed to bring down your prey. Just remember, because of its flat trajectory, it pays not to shoot high at the target or there is a good chance you will miss.

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