Monday, July 21, 2008

How to Select Bow Sights

If you are really interested in the sport of archery, whether you choose competitive target shooting or whether you are hunting big game with a bow, you must rely on the accuracy of your ability to send the arrow to a specific point at a specified distance each and every attempt. Choosing and using bow sights correctly allows you to improve your accuracy and performance. there is some variance in the design and effectiveness of the various types of sights. Most can be resolved through consistent and dedicated practice with the archery equipment you choose.

What is a Bow Sight?

Bow sights are small devices which are affixed to the riser of the bow in order to assist in accurate measurement and reference point for the flight of the arrow to its intended target. Bow sights often consist of a circular ring containing one or more sight pins that can be set to sight in to a target at specified distances. The bow sights may also contain a peep sight which further defines the target area and makes it easier to light up the sight pin(s) on the target. Modern sights may be either for left-handed or right-handed people.

Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed pin bow sights are the most common and most popular of all the archery sights sold today. Sights are fastened to the bow either by attaching directly to the bow riser--known as a hard mount--or by a dovetail system. This system is a two part mounting where a metal bracket is affixed to the riser and a sight bracket holding the sight body can be quickly mounted by sliding the equipment into or out of the main bracket. The bow sights are formed of durable and rugged materials such as polymer, aluminum, polycarbonate or other substances.

Adjustable Pin Sights

Both bow scopes and adjustable pin bow sights have just one sight pin. The adjustable pin sights are movable and must be adjusted to the correct yardage immediately prior to taking the shot. The yardage is marked on the mounting bracket of the bow sights so that the archer doesn't need to estimate distances. Although the adjustable pin sights are preferred by many since they don't require estimating distances, hunters often prefer the fixed pin type so that they can follow the target as it moves rather than trying to adjust the sight for the specific yardage while on the fly.

Pendulum Sights

Pendulum type bow sights are a single pin sight that swings inside the housing of the pin. They are typically sighted in from a ground location at twenty yards distance. Some automatic adjustment is done so that the hunter may be in a position above the ground or may be at longer distances from the shooting target. By using the pendulum sights, the hunter needs only to focus on the target rather than on the sight adjustments. The disadvantages arise when shooting from an above ground position or further distances, since the accuracy deteriorates.

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