Monday, July 14, 2008

Shooting a Compound bow - Everything you need to know

Now that you own a compound bow the next step of course is to shoot the weapon using a target. Before you begin to shoot, it is best to get used to the feel of drawing the bow and releasing the string. Try it several times drawing back at different distances to get used to the feel of the weapon in your hands. These bows are difficult to pull back at first, but once drawn back to a certain distance the tension will release and the position will be easier to maintain.

Using the Correct Arrows

Before you can shoot your compound bow you must obtain a quiver of arrows. Do not make the mistake of purchasing wooden arrows. All you will get for your troubles in a pile of broken sticks at your feet. Wooden arrows cannot take the pressure and strength of a compound bow. Instead look for arrows with carbon or aluminum shafts. These are much stronger and able to withstand the strength of the bow.

Finding a Place to Shoot

Be smart about your choice of shooting locations! The backyard is not the best place to try out your compound bow. There are too many potential innocent targets in your neighborhood that could get hit. Of course, the best place to go is an archery gallery. If you are not sure where to find one, try your local gun store. If the store does not have one on property, the sales people should be able to tell you where the closest range is located.

If there are no ranges near you then choose a large empty field miles away from the nearest homes. The further away from civilization, the better.

How to Shoot

Begin by loading the bow with and arrow. Slowly draw back, keeping the bow level. Once you hand has pulled back enough so it is under your chin your should feel the tension release. This is called the “let-off”. If you feel this “let-off” then you have purchased the correct size compound bow. While in this position aim for the target. Try aiming a tad bit lower than where you want your bow to impact. Then let go of string and shoot!

Tips for Shooting a Compound bow

Before purchasing a compound bow test them out in the store. Find the one, when pulled back to just under your chin, “lets-off”. That is the bow for you.

It is better to aim low when you first begin shooting your bow. This way if your arrow misses the target it will be easier to find. If you aim too high and your arrow goes past the target it can be very difficult to find your arrow.

A few lessons with a professional instructor might be the way to go. It is better to learn good habits at the outset than try to correct bad habits at a later time. Proper posture and technique are very important to becoming an expert archer.


Never, never, never shoot your compound bow when someone is standing in front of you. Even if a person is off to your left or your right there is always a chance the arrow could veer in that direction. Before you shoot, account for every person who has come with you to the range. If you cannot locate one of your companions, wait until the person is found.

Be sure to wear the correct protective clothing. A long sleeved shirt or and arm guard will protect your arm from losing a layer of skin should it be to close to the bow when you release the string.

If you have long hair be sure and tie it back. Long hair can easily get caught in the pulleys of your compound bow.

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