Monday, July 21, 2008

Set Your Sights on the Best in Bow Sights

For those who are really into archery, finding bow sights to complement your bow can be an important choice in the success of your archery practice. As its name indicates, bow sights help you to sight in the arrow so that you will hit the target each time you shoot. Sighting in the bow correctly depends on the distance from the target. You will need to check the accuracy of the sight at 10 yards, 20 yards, 40 yards and so on. This determines the optimum accuracy at each distance that you typically shoot.

What are they?

Bow sights are designed in various ways, and can be used in daylight or low light periods to help to focus your vision so that the arrow flies straight and true to the target. The style of the sights depends to large extent on the type of bow, but the type of archery that is being contemplated is also critical in choosing the design of the bow sights. Some of the sights include optic fibers to provide light assistance. Bright colors and other highly technological aids to target seeking are quite common nowadays. These have been added to the best of the traditional bow designs to ensure a modern marvel of accuracy and strength.

Why do they help you?

Whether a bow is being used for target shooting or for hunting purposes, accuracy is critical. Bow sights assist in the accuracy of both types of shooting. Many bow sights have an adjustable setting so that they can be set up for either left handed or right handed shooters. The Truglo Tru•Site Ultra Xtreme Series sights for example, have the above features and also include a large diameter ring measurement to give the widest possible field of view. Precision markings in each part of the sighting instrument provide a quality instrument in assisting targeting efforts.

A brief history

Bow sights are an invention which has existed either successfully or unsuccessfully for years. The device itself is generally a level platform affixed to the bow which holds sight pins allowing the archer to align the bow with the target. There may be as many as six or eight or even more sight pins that the archer can utilize depending upon the estimated distance from the bow to the named target to give the proper trajectory to the arrow. The sight pins that are an integral part of the bow sights also typically block the full view of the target at some level, which is the major disadvantage to the design of most sights.

Setting records

Because of the widespread use of bow sights both in competitive archery and hunting type archery, more accurate shooting is possible. However, nothing can take the place of practice in the use of the bow sights to fine tune one's ability to zero in on any type of archery target. These tools improve the competitive nature of target shooting. The ability to improve one's accuracy is what gives the archer the challenge of competing against oneself.

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