Monday, July 21, 2008

Types of Bow Sights - Advantages and Disadvantages

The accuracy of the shot is important to both a bow hunter and to the archer shooting in a competition for prizes or the honor of winning. Each can take advantage of the use of bow sights to improve accuracy and consistency in hitting the target regardless of the conditions, distances and elevation. Some sights will work better than others, but most all will improve your shooting score to some degree. The type of sight you choose should be matched with the use and the type of bow you have. Some of the more common types of bow sights that are found in today's products are listed below.

Pin sights

Pin sights are probably the most commonly available of all the bow sights. The simplest pin sights consist of one or more sight pins mounted to a circular ring either on a horizontal or vertical plane. The pin sights are lined up on the target. If there are multiple sight pins, the accuracy for various distances can be locked into the sights without continual estimates and adjustments to the sight. The pin sight is usually the least expensive and certainly is easy to use.

Peep sights

Peep sights are even simpler to use. They are bow sights that consist of a ring placed in position between the bow strings so that when you draw back the strings, the hole in the ring lines up with your eye and you can center the ring around the target you are trying to hit and let fly.

Scope sight

A scope sight is much like a scope for a gun. You just look through the scope where you can see fine crosshairs. The bow sights center the crosshairs on the target for great accuracy. The scope sight is easy to mount on the bow. It is more common for use on high powered bows such as crossbows. Accuracy and consistency of results are excellent.

Laser Sights

Laser sights were very popular at the time they were first launched. The laser bow sights project a small laser on the target and you can use that in order to aim the bow and increase the accuracy of your shooting. The feature of laser sights that makes them less than wildly popular is the fact that if there is an obstacle between the bow and the target, the laser beam doesn't reach the target.

Red Dot Sights

The bow sights known as red dot sights work just like rifle scopes work, except that instead of cross hairs, the red dot bow sights use a red dot to line up with the target. You will need to review these different types of sights and perhaps even try one or two in order to decide which one works best for you. If you shoot in more than one type of archery, you may even need more than one type of sight. What is indisputable is that the use of a sight coupled with consistent practice will make you a better shot.

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Troy Flores said...

Hello Jennifer,

I am glad to know about the difference bow sight and advantage and disadvantage of bow sight. I've some personal experience with single pin bow sight and I think single pin bow sight is better for the accuracy of target. Thanks for sharing with us :)