Monday, July 21, 2008

Defining Excellence in Bow Sights - Copper John Sights

With nearly a decade of an award winning line of bow sights on the record for Copper John Sights, the company is not resting on its laurels as winner of a quartet of Best Buy Awards from Inside Archery Magazine. Known for the Dead Nuts Hunting Sight and its successor the Dead Nuts 2 design, Copper John bow sights followed up with the Always Normal Target Sights. The product line released meets the needs of any archer looking for consistent accuracy and performance in all types of conditions. Test these quality products from Copper John with your own archery equipment and shooting style.


The design of the Copper John aiming technology is based on the curved sight frame. Because the frame is curved, the lens of the bow sights are alway flat to the eye, or normal, when the scope is in different positions on the frame of the bow. This technology allows the reduction of distortion to the image. It also reduces the distortion of the scope reticle and increases the clarity exhibited in the scope image. The picture in the bow sights will always remain the same in spite of the position of the scope on the bow frame.


Aside from the expected advantages of bow sights in improving accuracy and consistency in your shooting experiences, bow sights lend stability to the bow itself. By adjusting the precise controls the archer is able to zero in on three different planes quickly and easily. Prevent tipping of the bow off the vertical plane and dial in the correct distance and you will have reproducible accuracy in your competition and your hunting archery experience as well. Use the sights with the latest award winning technology, combined with effective practice and you will improve your success rating with this sport.

Unique Features

The unique features that Copper John has implemented in their bow sights include an aiming ring that contrasts with the pin guard. Further, the pin guard is round, thus improving the quality standard of their product. When you are searching for the best quality in bow sights, you want one that is constructed of the best materials available. Depending upon the type of shooting you prefer, the weight of the mechanism is a factor in how effective it is. The ability to see a normal view each time you use the sight no matter what position works for you will help to improve your shooting success score.


Of course, all bow sights are intended for the purpose of improving your success rate in hitting the specified target. Furthermore, the best sights, such as Copper John are made of the most durable and long lasting materials for a lifetime of accurate shooting. Weight is a factor that becomes apparent as you carry the equipment through the rough terrain typically found with bow hunting. It is no less important in competitive shooting when you need the stability of the sights to anchor your shot. Consistency in results is always a factor of practice so that each movement is memorized by your mind and by your body.

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