Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2015 PSE Dream Season Decree Now Available at Eagle Archery LLC

Now available at Eagle Archery, the newest flagship bow in the PSE Pro Series line up for 2015.

PSE Compound Bows has issued a Decree that changes everything!  If you love a short axle to axle bow for bowhunting AND you want a fast compound bow…The 2015 PSE DreamSeason Decree is the bow you have been waiting for! It's fast and lethal at a scorching 355 fps, and thanks to PSE Compound Bows new Inertia Cam, the PSE Dream Season Decree still delivers the comfortable draw, high let-off, and solid back wall that you would expect from the world's best (and lightning fast!) bowhunting bow.  Built on a 7075 forged aluminum riser, the Decree's special 3D structural design increases stability and rigidity. This bow features PSE Archery’s  new 3rd generation BEST grip which means shooting the PSE Decree is not only fast and accurate but VERY comfortable.
Some highlights of the PSE Dream Season Decree are it’s short axle to axle of only 31 3/8 inches.  For maneuverability in the stand and in the hunting blind, this is a great asset.  Couple that with the speed of this compound bow and you have a deadly combination!  This bow is the first to be offered in  the all new Mossy Oak Break Up Country Camo which we have to say is really something different.  This camo almost gives the illusion of being three dimensional.  The Decree is also available in both black and PSE Skullworks camo. 

2015 PSE Dream Season Decree

When we received our first Decree we installed the QAD HDX Arrow Rest specifically made for the PSE Bows and we are very excited to report that this bow was easy to paper tune.  We used Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 arrows and they shoot beautifully out of this new bow. Other items like PSE Bow Quivers and Bow Sights are available to compliment the shootability of the Decree.  We also stock all of the colored rubber silencing accessories to help you personalize the look and feel of your new bow!

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