Saturday, August 17, 2013

Archery Equipment – Things to know when selecting your Compound Bows

Archery as a sport has a wide spread following and the number of people becoming interested in our sport is increasing! Lucky for us, archery equipment is also keeping pace with this evolution. The number of brands and variations in archery equipment and the accessories make it a bit difficult to choose, particularly when you are new to archery.

Though adequate care should be taken in selecting all components of your archery equipment, selecting the bow gains importance over others.

Choosing your Compound Bow

Since all of us are unique individuals, choosing a bow also is also a personal thing. The highly experienced bow hunters and archers would vary in opinion when it comes to the best bow for their use. The selection itself is very wide for bows and the accessories are perhaps limitless. In picking the right bow for you, some of the attributes you look for in a pair of shoes can be applied. These attributes are fit, quality, durability, the ease to use. The vast selection of archery equipment available lends itself to a buyer’s market. Therefore, your attempt should be to try out several bows you can possibly do before making a final choice. Your accuracy and the ability to relax during the shooting exercise will depend on obtaining a bow which is comfortable on your hands and sets up correctly to your style of shooting and body type. The bow is your investment and the last thing you expect from your archery equipment is the feeling of lose of confidence in your ability itself or the equipment.
The dominant eye
Effective employment of your compound bows will also depend on identifying which of your eyes is more dominant over the other. Generally, right handers will have their right eye dominant and the left handers have a left eye dominance. Rarely though there may be instances where the opposite eye is dominant. This is relevant while deciding whether you pick up a right hand or left hand bow. To determine the correct position, you can look at a distant object with both eyes. After fixing the point with your finger, close the left eye and if the finger continues to point at the target precisely, you can safely conclude yourself to be an individual with right eye dominance. Conversely, if your finger is not in alignment with the chosen object, you are left eye dominant.
As in the case of all professional sports equipment, the brand or the manufacturer plays an important role in selecting your archery equipment too. When the bow you select, comes from a company with an impeccable reputation, you are confident that they will stand behind their product at all times. If the manufacturer is offering customer support, that should weigh as an additional point of consideration.  A guarantee on the bow that you decide to buy as part of your archery equipment is an essential ingredient of the transaction and not an option. Most of the high end compound bows come with a life time guarantee, with a rider that you continue to remain the owner.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I would say you should pay the most attention to selecting a right draw length. It is possible in most compounds to regulate this but only in small range.

Unknown said...

This is really good information to have. I've been trying to get into archery for the past few years. I think it would be a great hobby, but I don't know much about it. One thing I've been paying a lot of attention to is deciding what kind of bow I should get. Do you have any suggestions for a beginner?